A top global player in distribution

With Mediawan Rights, LS Distribution and Telmondis Distribution, Mediawan is one of the biggest players in Europe for the distribution and international co-production of content, with a diverse catalogue containing about 20,000 hours of programming.

The success of the Group's distribution business relies on its unique positioning:

- a one-stop shop with all genres represented : legacy drama, high-end successful series and movies, feature films, documentaries, live performances, but also the biggest brands in animation
- a close collaboration with the producers so as to support them in the development and research of financing for ambitious coproduction projects

- close connections with the largest broadcasters and platforms, as well as renowned partners, in France and globally

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Click here to access the LS Distribution (formerly known as Lagardère Studios Distribution)

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A key partner for all broadcasters

The Group’s catalogue is composed of:
1. contents dedicated to French territories, from prestigious foreign partners
2. a diversified portfolio of rights meant for the global market, made up of powerful brands and resulting from our collaboration with the greatest talents in France and abroad