Publication of channels and related digital services

Mediawan Thematics is the largest publisher of subscription TV channels in France. The Group offers strong brands and themes for all audiences in the various francophone markets (particularly in Europe and Africa). These channels are available from all of the main TV service providers and national telecoms. In Belgium, the Group also publishes AB3 and ABXplore, two free channels. 

Mediawan Thematics also publishes the associated digital services in these segments, including many YouTube channels with original and exclusive content. 

Besides, Mediawan Thematics is working with all the new digital pure players to extend non-linear broadcasting of its channels and content, and took advantage of new opportunities to expand outside Europe. 

Press, operators and partners: click here to access the Mediawan Thematics pressroom and check out about the latest news about our 17 channels 


Reference channels on their segments

The 17 channels fall into three different categories: 

  • Entertainment channels: RTL9, AB1, Action, Action Max, Mangas, AB3 

  • Documentary channels: Science & Vie TV, Mon Science & Vie Junior, Toute L’Histoire, Animaux, Chasse & Pêche, Ultra Nature, Crime District, ABXplore 

  • Sports channels: Automoto La Chaîne, Trek, Golf Channel 

Latest programmes

Retromania (Automoto)

Narcos (Action)

Toute l'histoire en 6 min (Toute L'Histoire)

Megastadium (Science & Vie TV)

No Limit (Automoto)

Le Kulte selon Karl (Action)

Si j'avais vécu... (Toute L'Histoire)

V6 (Automoto)